Property and agency advertising on social media and online

We’ve taken away the need for expensive marketing agencies, in-house ad management resources and the frustrations of not understanding what Facebook or Google are doing next. Get your listing or brand ads in front of your local area in just a few clicks.

  • No contracts or set-up costs
  • No monthly subscriptions
  • Get campaigns running super quick
  • No experience required

Meet the team

Spoke is brought to you by the team at Rexlabs—a eighty-person product house based in Brisbane (Australia) and London (UK). Our product teams work at the bleeding edge of technology to create software-driven solutions for real estate agencies and the broader property sectors—solutions that are then serviced by sales, customer care, training and success teams who are genuinely committed to making the business of property easier, and more personal for all our customers.

Creating platforms that empower, simplify, and connect.

That’s the vision that drives our teams every day so that we can deliver technology that requires minimum effort, interaction and configuration from our clients.

We know the frustrations and wasted time that comes from ‘tool sprawl’ and overly complex user interfaces that don’t get what you are trying to achieve. We’ve experienced that in our own technology stack, and know the potential revenue that it leaks because you get focused on the wrong things.

We also know that digital disruptors with bold statements and big budgets have been trying to ‘reinvent’ the property business for years now, and in doing so many have removed the one thing that is key to successful property transactions: people connecting with people. That’s where we are different.

The big problems we work on every day

We designed Spoke, our digital ads platform, to help agents make the most of their digital and social media ad lead generation in just a few clicks. It’s simple to use, hyper targeted and makes setting up, creating and managing digital ads for your property business super fast and easy.

At Rexlabs we:

  • Create tools that allow humans to focus on what they are best at: connecting with others
  • Empower small local businesses to successfully compete with disruptors and global giants
  • and make tech that helps people represent their best selves and do their best work

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