A simpler way to advertise real estate on social media and across the web

Supported Ad networks
super fast
Create 26+ ad formats for Facebook, Instagram and millions of websites.
In the time it takes you to read this page.
Spoke’s AI optimises your budget and audience in real-time.
Spend less to reach more of the right people.
Target better. Target locally. Re-capture the attention of your website visitors and current CRM contacts.
Keep them all in the loop.
What can you advertise with Spoke?
Spoke creates different ads and targets different people based on your chosen campaign type.
Your Listing
Use built-in buyer categories, your CRM contacts and website visitors to target the right people. Share real-time reports with sellers.
Your Agency
Reach homeowners before they’re looking to sell. Get called in to more appraisals and plant the seeds for your next sale.
Become the first choice agent by promoting your personal brand in your area. Market your specialised skill set and stand out from the crowd.
Creating an ad campaign is easy.
Add content
Add photos and information about your listing, agency or agent.

Connect Rex CRM to automatically pull in your data.
Review your audience
Spoke determines the best audience for your ads, including your website visitors and CRM contacts. If you wanna get tricky, Spoke also lets you edit your audience.
Review your ads
Spoke generates 26+ ad formats that match your agency’s brand. Have a look to make sure your ads are perfect and make edits if you need.
Set a budget
Choose a budget package for your new campaign. Spoke estimates the number of people your ads will reach.
Your campaign is live!
You can track your campaign metrics with Spoke and share real-time reports so sellers can see the campaign performance at anytime.
Is Spoke right for you?
I’ve never created an online advertising campaign.
That’s ok. No technical skills required. Learn on the go and become a sophisticated digital marketer with Spoke’s guidance.
I regularly use facebook and google to run marketing campaigns.
Awesome! Spoke includes tools to manage campaign performance, specialised real estate audience segmentation and automation to speed up your workflow.
Give Spoke a try!
There's no setup fees, monthly subscription fees or lock-in contracts.
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